Summer Flowers Dress at Print All Over Me

I love making these summer dresses at Print All Over Me.  Looking forward to seeing what I can make in their next edition.


Paris Blues, an oldie but goldie.  I am now sellling prints, cases and skins at Nuvango.  Hurrah!


Nice cold ice cold cider on a hot day.  Available as a print at Artflakes and as other things at Twenty20

Duvet Covers

Summer Flowers duvet covers - and all sorts of other duvet covers - available now on Socitey 6.
Put some art on your bed.

Same scene, different drink

Swapped the Earl Grey for a nice glass of Merlot.  Cheers!

Pretty cups and saucers

E and I have a nicely mismatched collection of china cups and saucers.

My morning cup of Earl Grey

Frocks and skirts at Print All Over Me

Confetti Summer Dress
Sorbet Summer Skirt
Orange Crush Summer Dress
Nougat Summer Skirt
Abundance Summer Dress

Been having fun making summery dresses and skirts at PAOM.  Now I need to update my wardrobe. #printalloverme

A Bad Day for Sailors

It's Father's Day and my dad is sailing the high seas (in Guernsey at the moment) and I hope this is not happening to him and the crew.  He isn't a pirate, by the way...

Wedding Stationery

Squirrell wedding stationery is now available, so if you are thinking of tying the knot anytime soon, take a look!  They are all fully customisable, and if you have any particular requirements just let me know.