Yo Ho Ho! Pirates.

Arrr, this week's MATS be pirates.  May it bring us all many doubloons.


Jelly and Ice Cream

More jellies, this is the one I submitted for Bootcamp.  It almost made me want to eat jelly, but not quite.

Jellies on Plates

Got some real watercolour out to paint jellies for MATS Bootcamp, although I ended up with a completely different version.  
Jelly - yuk, bleh, nasty wobbly stuff.  But it does look pretty.

The Hare

Spring is in the air.  Flowers and a mad March hare.

Hello Deer

Imagining I'm in a log cabin in a forest somewhere wild and lovely.

Alphabet D

D is for dogs, daisies, dragonflies, diamonds, dots and dashes.

Shower curtains

Ooh, shower curtains.  And a free shipping offer too.  Wild!

Folk Floral

A folksy floral, healthier than cakes.

Featured on Campfire Chick

Thanks to Kam at Campfire Chic for featuring a couple of my Redbubble prints. Great blog, head over there now for a bit of inspiration!

Chocolates and Wine

More celebrations, my two downfalls, chocolates and wine.  Must start drawing healthier stuff.


Mmm, cake!  I got very hungry while making this.  The macaroons are for E.

Birthday Cake

Birthday cake, hooray!

Bootcamp - Cuckoo Clock

I'm at bootcamp.  Lilla Rogers Bootcamp, to be exact.  Although compared to MATS it's a walk in the park, as we have a whole 3 weeks to come up with our finished art, compared to the one week start to finish of MATS.  This month the subject is cuckoo clocks, to go on a phone case.
I put it on some phone cases, and a few other bits as well at Society6.

Alphabet C

C is for cats, cars, cupcakes, circles, crosshatching and caterpillars.  Crikey!

Oh, Buoy!

Just booked our summer hols by the sea and feeling a bit nautical.

Alphabet B

Blue bears on bicycles, birds, bees, butterflies and blobs.

Alphabet A

I have decided to force my little nieces and nephews to learn their ABCs.  Little H was only born in September so he will be a genius, no doubt.

Art available for licensing

Happy New Year!

May it be a very good one.